Your Local Handyman, Specialising in Fixing Things

Here at Your Local Handyman, we understand how frustrating it is when things around the home and office fall apart. This is why we have put together a highly skilled and educated team, that can come and assist you, in getting your building safe and secure, at an affordable price.

Our extraordinary wealth of knowledge can be strategically used to maintain your house, unit, office or shop and keep the list of repairs to a minimum. Keeping you safe whilst saving you money.

Our services include, just mentioning a few,

Door Repairs

Window Repairs

Painting Services

Filter changes (for ducted A/C systems)

Garden Maintenance and Lawn Services

Structural Landscaping

Blinds Custom made & Blind Repairs

Picture Hanging,

Fly screens

Free quotes,

Free Maintenance assessment

Your Local Handyman

Door & Window repairs

Nothing is more frustrating than having a door that won’t close, or a window that won’t open.

Your local Handyman understands the importance of the healthy operating of your doors and windows, not to mention the safety factor,

Your local Handyman has been called to a job where a door could not be opened and a person was trapped inside a bathroom for 3hrs, and at another job, a window wouldn’t stay open and slammed shut breaking the glass and injuring someone.

Situations like these we learn from and this is why we understand the importance of good workmanship and the dangers of neglect.

Fly screen repairs

Flyscreens are a filter for the home, they filter out some dust, insects and can help with privacy. Flyscreens allow you to have your window open giving you fresh air, whilst keeping out all those nasty’s and unwanted debris. 

Your local Handyman can help with replacing old and dirty Flyscreen mesh with new and clean mesh, making your home a healthier environment to live in.

Pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaned glass awning our Local Handyman can Pressure clean walls, Driveways, Footpaths, awnings. Cleaning uses far less water than a conventional hose and the pressure is amplified to give a lasting effect, getting rid of moss, dirt, flaky paint, and other unwanted matter.

The pressure cleaning of moss from walkways will make your area safe from people slipping and injuring themselves.

Glass cleaning with a pressure cleaner is fast and will make your area brighter and feel fresher.

Your Local Handyman

Picture hanging

Picture hanging to some is easy, to others it seems easy, and to others again it can be daunting, not knowing how to measure a position, not knowing what screws or hangers to use for the weight of the picture.

Your Local Handyman has hung many pictures, paintings works of art and more, so we are not shy on experience.

Furniture repair & assembling

Well, “they don’t make em like they used to” this old saying is telling it how it is, furniture of today is being made cheaper and cheaper, overseas cheap labor and the competitive push means we are all stuck with buying furniture that lasts a few years before something requires repairing.

Your Local Handyman is constantly being inundated with calls regarding broken beds, Broken Chairs, Broken Tables and pretty much anything you can think of.

But unfortunately, not all can be saved in this “throw away world” and this is why Your Local Handyman can also help you with furniture assembly when you purchase your new furniture.

Structural Landscaping

Yard overgrown?

Want to turn your jungle into a sanctuary?

Look no further! Your local Handyman can provide you with a service that can have your neighborhood talking.

Our team has decades of experience in structural landscaping and garden maintenance making your house something you can be proud of.

Your local Handyman prides its self on being unique in its field.

Unlike other Handymen, Your Local Handyman uses their ability to think outside the square, combining skills acquired over 15 years of repair experience. It is these qualities that have made us a success, and have given us an impressionable reputation.

At your Local Handyman, we believe in putting our client’s needs first. This is why we aim for 100% client satisfaction.