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If your home, business, or church needs repairs or if you would like to enhance the value and beauty of your property, Construction has the experience and expertise to deliver a successful project. Every project receives our complete focus and full services to ensure your satisfaction with your new modifications.

Some of Quaker Construction’s services include:

Metal Roofing, Shingles and Rubber. We install numerous insulating roofing materials. Quaker’s standing seam metal roofing business spans three generations and now is an IRS recognized energy-saving system with tax incentive rebates.

Siding. We install numerous insulating siding materials that have income tax-friendly benefits. These fine products include Alcoa, Norandex, and Wolverine to name a few of the vinyl siding manufacturers. We also install wood, pine, cedar, and hemlock siding.

Gutters. Taking measures to avoid damage in the first place is a great way to maintain the ongoing integrity of a structure. Many colors are available to match or contrast with your building and give a custom look.

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Metal Roofing, Shingles and Rubber

Metal roofs have several benefits to your structure that make it a worthy and long-lasting investment. Some of these benefits are discussed in detail below.

Wind Resistant

a roof protecting a structure from high winds, metal roofing performs with the best of them. Series 1000 metal roofs have greater wind resistance ability than your standard roofing and have proven it time and again. When going against the extreme winds of a hurricane, it has been shown that metal roofs outperform other roofing products, giving you peace of mind.

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No Removal Required

Quaker Construction’s metal roofing can sometimes be installed over top of the existing roof without taking your old roof off. There is no need to worry about removal with the lightweight roof over materials that we use. Each square foot weighs a little over a pound, a perfect weight that is suitable to go over asphalt, asbestos, and shingle roofs.

Energy Efficient

It’s extremely important to be concerned about the environment and how to conserve energy. Supplying your structure with a metal roof that reflects the sun’s radiant heat, thus reducing the requirements to cool your home or business, is great to save energy and money.

Protection Against the Weather

Rain or shine, you can live and work comfortably under a sound metal roof. The roofing Construction company provides has the lowest rate of water absorption, reducing your chance of costly damage to your structure.

When selecting the cleaning companies or the professionals it is important to ask around from;




    Family etc.

It is important to reject the companies that do not offer insurance or are not bonded as it frees the company and its staff from any responsibility. It is also important to find out information about the staff of the cleaning company and ensure that if in the case of immigrants they are legal residents or not. Also, it must be ensured that the staff of the company has gone through a thorough background check for the purpose of screening. It is always beneficial if the customers allow the cleaning companies to review the work before asking for a quote.

When it comes to selecting the mode of payment it is always better to select the one which requires a flat fee. Sometimes the customers who pay by the hour have to face the problem of deliberately slow working staff who intend to earn more this way.